Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes it's the Little Things

Like dinner.

So I missed out on a week and half of working out between Halloween, hurricanes, bronchitis (did I mention I have asthma?), my boyfriend's birthday and just plain life. I once told someone, "I don't have enough time to work out right now." "It's not about time," he said. "It's about priorities. You have to figure out where your priorities are." It's a stunningly simple and painful observation. I think one reason we're so resistant to fitness is that we don't want to shuffle priorities. If you make exercise a bigger priority in your life, inevitably something else is going to fall down the list, and that's scary. For me, other aspects of my life have taken priority for the  past week, priorities like work, heath/rest, safety, and Halloween parties. I know a guy who makes fitness his biggest priority in life. He's amazing. He's been featured on American Ninja Warrior, he's an expert gymnast, traceur (that's a male parkour-person), and aerialist. He can balance indefinitely in a one-handed handstand. He is dedicated to fitness the way most of us are dedicated to the top three things in our lives combined (for me, I guess that would be work, gym, friends? Not sure). My point here is, if you're having trouble raising your skill level working out, examine your priorities. Maybe fitness needs to be a little higher on your list, but also recognize that if it's not your top priority, that's completely ok. Life gets ahead of us, just remember to make fitness ONE of your priorities and respect its place on your list.

Enough philosophy. Anyway, so last night I FINALLY returned to my stomping grounds at Urban Evolution in Manassas, Va. It was challenging getting back on the silks again. For one thing, I still have bronchitis, which really inhibited my breathing. At one point I felt like I was going to collapse and my heart was racing through the roof. Two puffs from my inhaler and a short rest later, I got back on and proceeded to have a fairly successful night (really successful, actually, considering that I had been gone for so long). I reviewed all of my moves and worked on my endurance and transitions, successfully moving from a double footlock/ cross-back straddle to a half montey. Challenging stuff, but tiny compared to the amazing endurance and transitions of performers.

Then I came home and ate a ridiculously good dinner of chicken sausage (honestly not that good, but it kept me sane while I cooked everything else) Followed by bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and green squash pan-fried with salt, pepper, and Creole seasoning. IMPORTANT COOKING TIP: Creole seasoning has the potential to make any dish taste amazing when used correctly. Are you on a diet? Trying desperately to shove vegetables down your throat while you dream of cheese and red, juicy steaks? CREOLE SEASONING. Bam! Life doesn't suck quite as much.

Oh speaking of dieting, so I mentioned recently that I had been gaining weight. once again really wish I had a BMI device because I feel like I'm back down to healthy fat again. It's sort of crazy considering the fact that I didn't work out for a week, but I've been watching what I eat, trying to stick to white meat, fruits, and veggies, and most importantly, I've been eating cereal before I head to work in the morning. I used to eat breakfast after I got into the office, but I think eating before work has really made a difference to boost my metabolism. Plus I love me the shit out of some cereal, so I'm really excited to justify forcing myself to wake up in time to eat it. Oh also, I'm still planning to increase my cardio because it just seems like a good thing to do. Til next time!

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