Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eat Your Veggies

Dudes, so I have this pretty sweet place I hit up every morning -- free wifi, water fountain, fridge to store my stuff, desk top computer -- it's nice, and these people actually pay me to be there. Anyway recently for whatever fucking reason they started bugging me about, like, proposals or something. I don't even know, man, it was inconvenience. Anyway, between that and Thanksgiving I realize I've really neglected my duties as a blogger, and I totally apologize to you, my loyal fans, for that failure.

Anyway, so right before the big annual stuff-your-face-in-front-of-your-family-and-watch-football holiday (may it always maintain its rightful place in our hearts) my BF and I were complaining about weight gain, and how that's kind of thing with us.
"We need to eat better," I said.
"But how?!" he argued. "I don't get it; Tini* eats like a fitness model!" (*Tini is my friend and very talented aerialist who describes dishes such as salmon and goat cheese on a bed of spinach for dinner which is, I must agree, very fitness-modelish.)
"Well," I replied, suddenly possessed by the specter of the wisest fitness guru, "It starts at the grocery store."

Which is true. I keep trying to be a healthy eater by essentially having nothing or very little on hand to eat, and then hoping that I will suddenly buy or cook some healthy dish every single time I'm hungry. Of course what actually happens is that I work out, I'm starving, and I stop at McDonald's on the way home. Or I'm running errands at lunchtime, I'm late, and I'm starving, and I get Chick-fil-e. Or it's the weekend we're tired, there's no food to eat, and we're lazy as all fuck, so we go out to lunch/dinner/breakfast/snacktime etc. etc.

It's not that I don't go to the grocery store; I go every week. But I don't get the right things. I get things that take a long time cook, and I don't have the time to do that. I get snacks that aren't healthy (usually chips), I don't have any go-to food to much on after I go to the gym (which is absurd since I go to the gym like 4 times a week.) So this Monday I decided to tighten my belt, loosen my wallet, and buy the right stuff. The Wegmen's I go to has this sweet trail mix bar, which gave me access to dried banana slices and cranberries, semi-sweet chocolate chips and almonds (all of which I will probably buy individually next week in order to have a larger supply in bulk). Anyway, I mixed this conglomeration of goodness with about two parts Cheerios and BAM! delicious trail mix, suitable for face-stuffing after a hard work-out. I got salad to eat at home and salad to eat work, hummus, pretzel chips, and these amazing turkey sausages that Johnsonville makes which happen to be very low calorie and also delicious. It's no salmon on a bed spinach, but it's fit my lifestyle pretty well this week, and it's all food I enjoy eating. This is good because ultimately, I don't want a diet; I want to alter my habits for the better. On that note, I'm late for a parkour class ominously titled "Eat Your Veggies" which is designed to beat the hell out of your body and motivate you to either crawl in a hole and die or --you guessed it-- eat your veggies.

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  1. LOL! I appreciate the shoutout! I have to say, I really just have a crazy love affair with food, so if I have to eat healthy I have to make it sexy. I struggle too, like with produce that goes bad before I eat it. I have to say a lot of my best meals come from looking in the fridge and being like 'the goat cheese and this bag of spinach are about to go bad - hey! i have some frozen salmon!' and that's how said 'fitness model' meals come about. I also just force myself to eat veggies or fruit with every meal, no exceptions. I get a salad with my burger more than fries, because I have to eat veggies. If I want the fries more, I get fries with my veggies. :D