Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Green Room: My First Story Telling Mission

Also Known As part of the reason I haven't been blogging for a while. Also it's winter. There ain't much going on.

So first of all I would like to share that last night I watched The Crow and seriously it is arguably the best film in cinematic history. A goth dude. come back from the dead. murders bad people. with a crow. and he plays guitar. Like, what the fuck else do you want from a movie? I think we're finished here.

Anyway. so first thing's first: I went LARPing again the weekend before last, and really enjoyed it. I really enjoy this game I go to ("Shards of Massagon," or "Shard" for short) because there is some great story-telling (I got pulled into a really exciting plot while I was there), and the Staff do a truly phenomenal job of keeping things in character while allowing players to enjoy themselves and have fun. Also the players are really starting to kick it up with costuming which I absolutely love because I love me some good LARP Fashion. Oh, speaking of which...

Thanks to Jen Fiscus for the shot 

This is me being a total badass with face tattoos basically stolen straight outta Skyrim. And yes, by badass I mean LARPer, the complete opposite of a badass. Anyway, I made the hoodie and the armor was my Christmas gift from my lovely significant other, and all-in-all I'm pretty proud of the look.

So that was fun. I then spent almost every fucking waking hour including many that I was supposed to be working on proposals setting up for my own LARP, the Green Room. The Green Room was a 1899-era Cthulhu Live! Larp run this past weekend at my apartment complex clubhouse. My friends absolutely rocked my world with some spectacular costuming and role play (hopefully I'll be able to update this post with pics of players), and they claim to have had a great time. I cooked several dishes including calamari, which was very exciting, and served four different kinds of absinthe, champagne, and white and red wine, while a friend also brought a bar-ful of liquor to serve manhattans and martinis. Also because it was Cthulhu, I drove all the characters insane. Hooray!

Now that things are closer to normal, I'm hoping to change around my work-out schedule with Monday/Saturday cardio, Wednesday/Friday/Sunday silks and trapeze, and Thursday pole. If it gets to be too much I might drop the Friday silks, but we'll see. Sometimes I'm so tired I just want to go home on Friday nights, but other nights I really want to just kick off my weekend with a nice workout before I get blitzed out of my skull. On that note, here's a demonstration of my improved knee grip strength. Ohwaitmyfuckingphonecan'tuploaditwhenwillIlearntotakeshortervideossorry. :( Anyway, til next time.

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